RED & CECE are an electronic pop duo. Influenced by 80’s and 90’s artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and U2, their style is a fusion of acoustic instruments with synths, loops and a barrage of electronic sounds.

Juan a.k.a RED is a producer/songwriter born and raised in Buenos Aires. Working with several different artists composing, producing and doing musical arrangements; his main instrument is the guitar but also plays keyboards, bass and drums. He combines all this musical knowledge with his technical skills to produce the best songs possible.

Stefano a.k.a CECE is a renowned singer/songwriter/producer based in Italy. CECE has worked with different artists throughout Europe writing songs and performing in diverse shows. He is also known as the “Melody Maker”, blending the perfect sticky melody with heartfelt lyrics.

The duo’s latest track “Amsterdam” was released on July 10th in most EDM stores and every streaming platform, predicting a great future to the track which is expected to be played on every radios wishing to make their listeners dance. RED & CECE debut release is radio ready with an assured sound that will make listeners dance. “Amsterdam” is a mixture of pop, future house and dance; fresh and full of happy feel good vibes and a super catchy vocals that will have you singing in no time. Connect with RED & CECE on their Official SiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram.



Source: RED & CECE (EDM) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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