See See Beats 


Straight out of Brooklyn, the talented production duo SEE SEE Beats is comprised of visionaries Cas Weinbrein and Skiggy Ska. The skilled group specializes in professional, clean cut hip-hop/trap beats with a hint of brilliance and distinctiveness. With an extensive repertoire of lush instrumentals, their work has already been picked up by some of the entities we’ve grown to love over the years such as MTV, VH1, Oxygen, E Networks and Fox, as well as having exclusive performances and appearances on Atlantic Records with Queens, NY, rapper Action Bronson and Duck Down Records with DJ Statik Selektah.

Having been making music for a combined 35 years, the duo has shown that they also have the brains and intelligence for business as highlighted by their website, where the duo offers a range of services from leasing to exclusive rights selling of their vast instrumental library.
While there’s no denying their commercial savviness, the See See Beats soundscape matches their intent. You’ll find nothing but high quality, creative and radio ready beats which are sure to send any hip-hop/trap connoisseur into a frenzy with their sharp, often dreamy, sometimes sombre, refined production style.

The duo’s latest production “Get a Room” is nothing short of spectacular. The track featuring rising singing sensation Mickey Shiloh, is only the latest “song of summer” worthy scorcher. The duo’s past releases and collaborations show a production team that not only deserves further recognition, but demands it through their sure talent. Check out their tracks below! Connect with See See Beats on their Official SiteFacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube and Soundclick.


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We Were Thieves


Hailing from Belfast, UK, We Were Thieves is a folk rock band. While the band is rather new to the scene, they have already gathered a large following. The band most recently played the UK Independent Venue Week at the historic Sunflower Pub in Belfast to a packed audience. They have released two singles thus far, the first being “Set in Your Ways” feat. Amy Montgomery another artist making waves on the music scene. The band is slated to release more tracks over the next few months and have been asked to play a number of gigs in the near future as well.

The Thieves’ first release “Set in Your Ways” is delightful from the first listen. Mellow and steady, the track blends classic folk vibes with pleasantly toned vocals to make a song suitable for any early morning or late night.  Check out the video below! Connect with We Were Thieves on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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Lef Eye


Lef Eye, is one of the three members of the music collective The Lost. The Lost are artists that use their eclectic taste in music, style, and view of the world to produce greatness. Lef is influenced by a wide range of artists like Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, Kanye West and Childish Gambino, to name a few. Lef uses the influences to create his own style and showcases his abilities in his latest project Juice EP.

We previously featured Lef Eye’s “Delusions” on our Soundcloud page with wide acclaim. Lef Eye’s Juice EP displays his unique approach to hip hop. The EP contains the same wide array of lyrics as his previous Throw Aways EP, however Juice displays a much more refined body of work from the young emcee. Lef steps away from traditional trap style beats and substitutes the backing tracks with more deep atypical grooves displayed in tracks like “J. U. Ice (Get Down)” and “Kayo”. Lef’s lyrics show an artist that is socially self aware and sure in his hip hop footing. The DC area native blends a silky smooth delivery with political undertones to make for a rock solid EP. Check it out below and grab a free download of the Juice EP! Connect with Lef Eye on FacebookTwitterInstagramTumblr and Datpiff.


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Follow No One


Hailing from the US and Portugal, Follow No One is the brain child of Rich Hall & Pedro Murino Almeida. Pedro is a native of Portugal with roots in Brazil, classically trained in composition & a guitar virtuoso in his own right. His work has been featured in film & video, as well as a successful career involving his own musical acts. Rich is an American born singer/songwriter & pianist and all things synth. Rich began performing at a young age in theater, but found his true calling performing & writing music. Rich also has an upcoming solo project being released in Spring-Summer 2017.

Whether for Radio, Television or Film, for the band, it’s all about the Music. Besides writing and recording for albums, Follow No One also provides background compositions for film & television. Utilizing a visual writing approach, each series of creations are meant to tell a unique tale, without the limitations of any specific musical genre. Connect with Follow No One on their Official SiteYoutubeFacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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Naime Sake


Kenyon Taylor aka Naime Sake previously known as Kae Da Spirit, is a CHH artist born and raised on the Westside of Detroit, MI. Since he was a kid, Kenyon dreamed of being apart of something bigger than himself. After feeling like he failed his dreams of playing football in college and professional level, he turned to music his second first love. Applying himself and grinding hard he met Eric Jones Jr and Latrell Peterson Sr from Loyalty Records llc and after hearing Kenyon spit in the car with Eric and Latrell in 2006 he became the newest member to the label and the group known as Circle Boys.

After years of hard working and performing at different venues such as Level 10, St Andrews Hall, Bullfrog and more, Kenyon known as Kae Da Spirit at that time, went through a life changing situation when him and the love of his life went through a hard separation. During the separation Kae Da Spirit had passed and Naime Sake resurrected. Changing his name to Naime Sake is the symbol of the growth in his spiritual background also in his music turning his life over to the Lord and being driven by the spirit in what he talks about now. Naime Sake is also Co Chief Exe of One Mind Music Group llc alone with Latrell Peterson Sr. Stay tune for what’s next as Kenyon Taylor now know as Naime Sake deliver life,lessons and love in his songs.

Naime Sake’s talent is undeniable. Going back to his 2015 Mixtape This Time It’s Personal, the Detroit native has displayed his diversity as both a hip hop artist and a Christian. Naime Sake is fully acclimated in his form, his messages are both real and heartfelt, melding with inspirational tones. Backed with tracks that run the gamut from bangers to chill, Naime Sake has something to offer any hip hop fan. Grab a free download of Naime Sake’s This Time It’s Personal and “Detroit”. Connect with Naime Sake on FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube,Soundcloud and Reverbnation.


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Elephant State (EDM)


Elephant State is an influential EDM duo hailing from Bologna, Italy. Formed in 2014 by Cosmo Masiello; guitar, programming, recording, mixing and mastering and Gabriele Carbone; keyboards & programming. Since their beginning, the duo has played both small venues and also on larger stages as openers for DJ Sets, Raves and live concerts. Originally created as a Live EDM Music Set, the project has now evolved into something decisively more interesting, aiming to take Dance music to another level, both live and in the studio.

These two professional, top class musicians, both masters of their art and currently active on the Italian music scene as live performers and session musicians, have decided to join forces, resulting in an explosive mix of Rock, Jazz and ethnic styles, painted on an electronic foundation which blends the whole sound into one complete musical work of art.

Each original piece, a masterful and colorful mix of Electronic Music, Dance, House, Deep House, Techno and Trance, with Jazz and Rock overtones and some Ethnic styles thrown in, is composed and arranged by Carbone/Masiello, into a single and unique canvas bursting with masterfully woven musical sketches that flow with ease into a delta of sound, bringing line, shape, form, colour, texture, light and shadow to even the most critical of musical ears. Connect with Elephant State on BandcampSoundcloudReverbnationFacebookTwitterand Instagram.


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Iridesce (Indie Rock)


Iridesce are an emerging alternative/indie rock band from Camden Town, London. The band first met in January 2016 as students, inspired by the melodic and anthemic songwriting of the 80’s and 90’s alternative/new wave/britpop movements, and have grown with their latest release, “Rise”, to develop a sound that attempts to bring the authentic and raw elements of classic songwriting into a time where music is overcome by recycled, wallpaper pop.

Iridesce is currently working on a series of independent single releases that aim to showcase their thirst for creative independence and re-invention, but also remain determined to connect with a wide audience. “We feel our generation is profoundly disillusioned with the present-day mainstream”, they express, “all of us obtain the emotional resonance and comfort music is supposed to provide from the past, and don’t seem to have access to too many artistic figures that write, create and embody their music in the present day. We want to be an act that provides that for our generation”.

Iridesce’s inaugural tracks are beautifully crafted with patently dark overtones, and it’s a solid introduction to a talented band. The atmospheres are astoundingly well constructed with shadowy, softer tones and layered textures showing limitless potential as the band evolves. If you’re in London, check out their upcoming show on July 21st at Camden Assembly! Connect with Iridesce on their Official SiteFacebookTwitterInstagram and Soundcloud.


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