MU DILLS (Hip Hop) 


Mu Dills is the fire that has long been missing from Hip Hop, with a commanding voice and lyrical flow that sets him apart from the rest – twenty six year old Newark, New Jersey bred, Mu Dills has secured his place as an underground legend. Early on, Mu Dills caught the attention of Producer, Keeb Green, who helped cultivate his skills as a Hip Hop artist. With the masterful production from Keeb, the summer of 2006 saw the release of Mu’s first mix tape Grind City. With the streets buzzing, Mu returned to the studio to record his first hit single “Fresh-N-Fly” following with the release of his first music video. The video received regular rotation on Music Choice as well as holding the #1 spot for a week on and surfacing on under the title “Upcoming Artist.”

After receiving critical praise for Grind City, Mu Dills released his debut EP and his second mix CD Grind City 2 in the summer of 2007. The mix tape was reviewed and featured on, under headline “Don’t Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week.” Mu Dills is also a featured face in a national ad campaign with one of the leading urban clothing brands, Azzure Clothing. Currently, Mu has a single out with Grammy award winning artist, Lil Kim called “Raincheck” which was the #2 added record in the country! He also landed “Heater Of The Day” on for the single “Raincheck” which is also in rotation on AOL and countless other mainstream radio stations. All done independently! During that time “Raincheck” was featured on hundreds of mixtapes all over the country including Coast2Coast Mixtapes, where he was featured on 57 mixtapes with an estimated download of 451,078,685. In 2009, Mu Dills was featured in two MTV2 commercials alongside E40 and Suge Knight running for six weeks on the network. He currently has countless views on YOUTUBE with over 7 thousand subscribers and growing.

There’s a new sound in the air, coming off the Jersey coast . It reminds you of a time long removed. When music meant something, when you walked away from the table licking your fingers and you were satisfied. Mu Dills “Summer Baby” Is the main course, that right mix not too salty not too sweet with the club hit “Balls on Em” to wash it all down. Hip Hop is back and Jersey is leading the charge, with street flavor like “100 Bricks of Yola” and “Becky” he puts you right there on the block nodding your heads. “Hater Blockers” off of his upcoming EP Life Line is that radio mix reminiscent of all that mainstream music represents. So if you’re trying to figure out what happened to the game, look to Mu Dills to let you know. Connect with MU DILLS on his Official Site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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Unlikely Heroes (Hip-Hop/Punk)


It may come as a surprise to younger folk, but there was actually a time when hip-hop artists and punk bands would cohabitate, and even play shows together. Starting in the 70’s and early 80’s, oppression, poverty and political resentment converged, leading to a surprising amount of collaboration and acknowledgment between such counter-culture renegades (“of Funk” lol, had to).

“Main stream” innovators of the cross-over genre are often attributed to the early works of the Beastie Boys, with the most credit given to the 1986 rehashed hit “Walk This Way”. But if we’re talking about the purest convergence of urban and punk culture, that first cannot and will not be taken from the Detroit born pioneers of proto-punk, Death. (Seriously, a band of black dudes making punk music IN DETROIT could not have been easy in the 70’s. Mad respect)

Flashing forward through an endless sea of 90’s rap-rock garbage that was Limp Bizkit, Crazy Town and countless others, Rage Against the Machine stood the only victor. Since the fabled 99’ Woodstock disaster, few hip-hop/rock bands have emerged, let alone hip-hop/punk bands. This gaping void has made way for such unlikely heroes as…Unlikely Heroes.

Unlikely Heroes is Hip-Hop/Punk Rock band from San Francisco, Ca. This eclectic group is synthesizing Hip-Hop and Punk with beats and melody that are fresh, exciting, and long waited for. Boasting high energy, venue rocking jams, they find balance with spacey, vibey anthems to create a well-rounded sound and depth in their form. Comprised of members Enon Gaines (vocals), Ruth Marin (bass), Atlix Martinez (guitar) and Jeff Wilson (drums); these Heroes truly cater to their “more than meets the eye” appeal. Aesthetically, they are a diverse group with a wide range of cultural and musical backgrounds. Sonically, they are insane Hip-Rockers that can cater to any crowd or venue without losing their power in translation.

Cited as “A moshpit of no bullshit punk and hip-hop born on the streets of San Francisco” (SF Gate), the Heroes’ presence cannot help but be felt. Lead singer Enon Gaines is the x variable in the equation. With a Kid Cudi-esq sound and flow, Gaines drives each track along with the high energy backed punk triplet. Martinez’s lively arrangements slap the auditor with classic punk grooves giving way to tooth grinding solos and bridges. Marin is a lick-laying female bassist who frequently contributes backing vocals and Wilson’s speed and power often shines through the mix.

The Bay-Area quartet was slated to release their debut EP in 2016, but has yet to gift the world with their inaugural declaration. Collecting accolades along their journey including winning the Music City – San Francisco Battle of the Bands and Virgin Mobile/America FreeFest Freestyle, the band is clearly stamping their name on the scene. Frankly, we are bursting with anticipation in wait for their future sounds. Connect with Unlikely Heroes on their Official Site, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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The Office Boys NY (Hip Hop)


To quote 2010’s retro reboot Tron, “the game has changed.” There is no doubt that the music industry’s ebb and flow has taken artists through an arduous journey over the last six decades. With the invention of internet and the availability of affordable home based recording equipment, the world has since been flooded with music that would never have been produced or heard in previous generations. The success stories of indie musicians are plentiful; from Justin Bieber to Luke Combs, there are countless tales of bedroom artists turned superstars.

At its user peak, there were 12 hours of music uploaded every minute to Souncloud! With 300 hours of Youtube videos uploaded every minute, it is clear that there is no shortage of music on the web. The question is, are these artists doing their best to protect their music and rights? Brooklyn’s The Office Boys NY are aiming to educate the indie scene with their latest single “I’m so Indie.”

The Office Boys NY are the leaders of the “I’m So Indie” movement. With both Smiz The Moneykid @smizthemoneykid & Villa Dom @illava being graduates from accredited music schools, they bring an authentic backdrop to the storyline of an independent artist. The song “I’m so Indie” is an example of the innovative artistry of The Office Boys NY. Within the song they are educating and teaching artists how to protect their music, where to protect their music and why they should protect their music. Name one other artist in the history of music who has done that in one single song? Connect with The Office Boys NY on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Part of Mind (Chill Hop)


Hailing from Sordevolo, Antony Montebello aka Part Of Mind is an Italian producer and DJ. There is little information about the young producer as his social media accounts boast no bio and no image of the artist himself. The mystery man simply lets his music speak for itself.

Montebello’s approach is a bridge between downtempo electronica and a more playful experimental artist. Along with hints of jazz, his periodic use of vocals transform his ideas into beautifully well rounded tracks. The rhythms are built with a beat-maker’s inventiveness and the arrangements are wonderfully spirited. It is easy to hear that Montebello is blossoming into a promising artist at his own pace. With an equal appeal for electronic music fans and general listeners, the tracks are something you could put on anywhere. Grab a latte or a cool cocktail and check out the tracks below! Connect with Part of Mind on Facebook, Youtube, Bandcamp and Hearthis.

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SPAWN (Ska-Punk)

Spawn is a high energy brass fueled ska-punk band from the Netherlands. The band consist of guitar, bass, drums, keys, horns and vocals.

In October 2016, Spawn released “Dance of the Lunatics”. “With their third album, they’ve definitely found the groove and locked it down. “Dance of the Lunatics” is a huge, bouncing, sweaty dance machine perched on 14 legs and having the time of its life.” (Louder Than War, 2016) The new album is available on all major streaming and music platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

Since releasing “Dance of the Lunatics”, Spawn has been featured on Dutch, English and American radio shows and blogs such as  Louder Than War and XS NOIZE. Dozens of venues have already booked Spawn for their 2017 club and festival season. “This is so much fun. You’re gonna love this. Mega riffs, Killer beats and some serious funk. Fuuuunk!” (Soundsphere Magazine, 2016)

Spawn consist of Roel Wensink (guitar & lead vocals), Paul Heijnen (drums), David van Lochem (bass), Jaap Bulsink (keys), Erik Rhebergen (trumpet & backing vocals), Derk Wikkerink (saxophone & backing vocals) and Mark Koeleman (trombone, backing vocals & percussion).

Spawn was formed in 2001 as punk trio. Adding a trumpet player in 2002 and a saxophone player in 2004, at that time the band switched to playing ska music with a punk twist. SPAWNTANEOUS was released in 2005 (album of the month at the National Pop Institute). Their music video “Spam” was broadcast by MTV Networks for several weeks, earning the band national exposure. HOSDROPLOS was released in 2008, gaining acclaim at major Dutch venues like Paradiso and Zwarte Cross Festival.

Having played hundreds of shows, the band knows how to get the party started. Spawn offers something for everyone. Those who still fondly remember the pop friendly ska of the 90’s will find plenty of catchy hooks and blaring brass, while those looking for something that packs more of a punch will get a kick out of the punk energy the comprises their other half. Their songs are extremely well-written and structured, which can clearly be heard throughout the band’s three album discography. The veterans have been around for more than 15 years and “Dance of the Lunatics” proves that they are far from done. Connect with Spawn on their Official Site, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.



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Tommy Noir (R&B)

Tommy Noir is a singer from El Paso, Texas best known as the singing half of Hip Hop/ R&B super group Sleepless Weekends. Raised in Dallas/Ft Worth Texas, the singer took a quick liking to the music scene and began crafting his image. It wasn’t until the singer moved back to his birth place of El Paso that the singer really came into his own. After many years of building a following with his group he has finally begun working on his Solo debut set to release late 2017 or early 2018.

Noir’s first solo release pays homage to the late and great legend Aaliyah. Borrowing lyrics and groove from the fallen star, Noir adds his own flavor to the mix. Noir is undoubtedly a gifted vocalist/songwriter and the future looks bright for the rising singer. Check out the track below as well as Noir’s work with Sleepless Weekends. Connect with Tommy Noir on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Cory North (R&B)

Born Shamir Alexander in Paterson New Jersey, “Cory North” is quickly becoming an R&B/Pop sensation. Starting in 2014, blending the name of his father (Cory) and being from “up north” he branded the name “Cory North”. Cory’s career debuted on MTV’s series “Top Pop Group” as a member of the group NJ5ive. Known then as “Sha”, North gained a lifetime of experience during the group’s short lived success, traveling and performing with artist such as Omarion. After the group’s disbandment, North reconnected with old friend/producer Remo The Hitmaker (French Montana/50cent) and they birthed the sensational single “The Weekend” which landed regular spins on New York’s Power 105.1. The track gained the attention of fellow Paterson native Fetty Wap, who later joined in on the remix. Cory North recently signed with Y.O.R.K Records in 2016 and released his latest single “Poppin Off”.

There is no doubt that Cory North is here to stay. North brings a unique approach to his music. The sound is tried-and-true, hearkening back to the contemporary R&B sound of yesteryears.  Vocally North doesn’t miss a beat, delivering his signature, distinct vocals exceptionally. Check out Cory North’s latest single below. Connect with Cory on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.


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