Steve the Rapper (Hip Hop)


Steve the Rapper is a Zanesville, Ohio hip hop artist & record label owner discontent with the status quo. Refusing to conform to industry expectations & arbitrary social norms, he is a voice for individuals who don’t fit the mold. Through disruptive criticism, punchy humor and moving confessions, Steve calls for a revolution in the music industry. Steve’s newly released album, Welcome to the World, is now available on all major online catalogs: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

In the album, Steve the Rapper addresses racism, stereotypes, spirituality, life struggles and the music industry. From a violent free verse describing a physical altercation with Satan to a revealing confession of insecurity and hypocrisy, Steve takes listeners on a raw, controversial and moving journey through his misfit mind.

One album single (The Basement: Part 1) has already gained praise. “The heavy bass and beats overall have this great, old school hip hop vibe . . . a really talented MC . . . this track is fresh and real, and I’m into it!” -Arielle J. (Blogger & Mix247EDM Content Creator.) “Slappin’ track, and the wordplay is amazing.” – Jerry Doby, Editor in Chief of The Hype Magazine.

Influenced by Hopsin, NF and Eminem, Steve’s aggressive & intricate rhymes make for a boldly positive version of confrontational west coast-style rap. Also inspired by artists Macklemore and Lecrae, Steve’s music always has a larger purpose. In Steve’s words, “my vision is simple: to change culture with good music.” With raw lyricism and missional purpose, Steve invites young listeners into a powerful movement of change for the coming generation.

Earlier this year, Steve founded a record label called Zaney Records. Welcome to the World was the label’s first release—but this is only the beginning. “After releasing my own debut album,” says Steve, “I will be actively searching for other local artists to bring onto the team at Zaney Records. Long term, my goal is to create a platform for tons of independent artists who are passionate about making a difference in the world.” Connect with Steve the Rapper and Zaney Records on their Official SiteYoutubeFacebookTwitterInstagram and Soundcloud.


Source: Steve the Rapper (Hip Hop) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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