Iridesce (Indie Rock)


Iridesce are an emerging alternative/indie rock band from Camden Town, London. The band first met in January 2016 as students, inspired by the melodic and anthemic songwriting of the 80’s and 90’s alternative/new wave/britpop movements, and have grown with their latest release, “Rise”, to develop a sound that attempts to bring the authentic and raw elements of classic songwriting into a time where music is overcome by recycled, wallpaper pop.

Iridesce is currently working on a series of independent single releases that aim to showcase their thirst for creative independence and re-invention, but also remain determined to connect with a wide audience. “We feel our generation is profoundly disillusioned with the present-day mainstream”, they express, “all of us obtain the emotional resonance and comfort music is supposed to provide from the past, and don’t seem to have access to too many artistic figures that write, create and embody their music in the present day. We want to be an act that provides that for our generation”.

Iridesce’s inaugural tracks are beautifully crafted with patently dark overtones, and it’s a solid introduction to a talented band. The atmospheres are astoundingly well constructed with shadowy, softer tones and layered textures showing limitless potential as the band evolves. If you’re in London, check out their upcoming show on July 21st at Camden Assembly! Connect with Iridesce on their Official SiteFacebookTwitterInstagram and Soundcloud.


Source: Iridesce (Indie Rock) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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