Iridesce (Indie Rock)


Iridesce are an emerging alternative/indie rock band from Camden Town, London. The band first met in January 2016 as students, inspired by the melodic and anthemic songwriting of the 80’s and 90’s alternative/new wave/britpop movements, and have grown with their latest release, “Rise”, to develop a sound that attempts to bring the authentic and raw elements of classic songwriting into a time where music is overcome by recycled, wallpaper pop.

Iridesce is currently working on a series of independent single releases that aim to showcase their thirst for creative independence and re-invention, but also remain determined to connect with a wide audience. “We feel our generation is profoundly disillusioned with the present-day mainstream”, they express, “all of us obtain the emotional resonance and comfort music is supposed to provide from the past, and don’t seem to have access to too many artistic figures that write, create and embody their music in the present day. We want to be an act that provides that for our generation”.

Iridesce’s inaugural tracks are beautifully crafted with patently dark overtones, and it’s a solid introduction to a talented band. The atmospheres are astoundingly well constructed with shadowy, softer tones and layered textures showing limitless potential as the band evolves. If you’re in London, check out their upcoming show on July 21st at Camden Assembly! Connect with Iridesce on their Official SiteFacebookTwitterInstagram and Soundcloud.


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RED & CECE are an electronic pop duo. Influenced by 80’s and 90’s artists like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and U2, their style is a fusion of acoustic instruments with synths, loops and a barrage of electronic sounds.

Juan a.k.a RED is a producer/songwriter born and raised in Buenos Aires. Working with several different artists composing, producing and doing musical arrangements; his main instrument is the guitar but also plays keyboards, bass and drums. He combines all this musical knowledge with his technical skills to produce the best songs possible.

Stefano a.k.a CECE is a renowned singer/songwriter/producer based in Italy. CECE has worked with different artists throughout Europe writing songs and performing in diverse shows. He is also known as the “Melody Maker”, blending the perfect sticky melody with heartfelt lyrics.

The duo’s latest track “Amsterdam” was released on July 10th in most EDM stores and every streaming platform, predicting a great future to the track which is expected to be played on every radios wishing to make their listeners dance. RED & CECE debut release is radio ready with an assured sound that will make listeners dance. “Amsterdam” is a mixture of pop, future house and dance; fresh and full of happy feel good vibes and a super catchy vocals that will have you singing in no time. Connect with RED & CECE on their Official SiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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Steve the Rapper (Hip Hop)


Steve the Rapper is a Zanesville, Ohio hip hop artist & record label owner discontent with the status quo. Refusing to conform to industry expectations & arbitrary social norms, he is a voice for individuals who don’t fit the mold. Through disruptive criticism, punchy humor and moving confessions, Steve calls for a revolution in the music industry. Steve’s newly released album, Welcome to the World, is now available on all major online catalogs: iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

In the album, Steve the Rapper addresses racism, stereotypes, spirituality, life struggles and the music industry. From a violent free verse describing a physical altercation with Satan to a revealing confession of insecurity and hypocrisy, Steve takes listeners on a raw, controversial and moving journey through his misfit mind.

One album single (The Basement: Part 1) has already gained praise. “The heavy bass and beats overall have this great, old school hip hop vibe . . . a really talented MC . . . this track is fresh and real, and I’m into it!” -Arielle J. (Blogger & Mix247EDM Content Creator.) “Slappin’ track, and the wordplay is amazing.” – Jerry Doby, Editor in Chief of The Hype Magazine.

Influenced by Hopsin, NF and Eminem, Steve’s aggressive & intricate rhymes make for a boldly positive version of confrontational west coast-style rap. Also inspired by artists Macklemore and Lecrae, Steve’s music always has a larger purpose. In Steve’s words, “my vision is simple: to change culture with good music.” With raw lyricism and missional purpose, Steve invites young listeners into a powerful movement of change for the coming generation.

Earlier this year, Steve founded a record label called Zaney Records. Welcome to the World was the label’s first release—but this is only the beginning. “After releasing my own debut album,” says Steve, “I will be actively searching for other local artists to bring onto the team at Zaney Records. Long term, my goal is to create a platform for tons of independent artists who are passionate about making a difference in the world.” Connect with Steve the Rapper and Zaney Records on their Official SiteYoutubeFacebookTwitterInstagram and Soundcloud.


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Hyde (Hip Hop)


Born in Kirkland, Washington, Hip Hop artist Hyde has traveled around the world in 25 short years. After extensive training in the liberal arts and and a thorough study of both music and literature, he found the perfect medium with which to plumb the depths of the most basic human questions, rap. With every song and every line he tries to improve his art, and has developed an impressive style and force, mixing rhythms and rhymes in a complex and unique manner.

Hyde has written and produced three full length albums in addition to a number of other projects, with each work being better than the last. He seeks to inspire his listeners, and encourages them to find the deeper meaning in life. Many are struck by the truth and the honesty consistently found in his music.

In a morally and philosophically bankrupt world, Hyde shines the light of truth and beauty, showing all those who will follow a higher calling. Hyde’s latest single “Four Hours” showcases the young talent’s dual threat approach as both a singer and emcee. The track is just one of the few recent offerings from the seasoned maestro and it appears that the future is looking bright for the young up and comer. Check out the video below! Connect with Hyde on his Official SiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram. Hyde’s music is available for purchase and streaming on iTunesSpotifyAmazonBandcampSoundcloud and Google Play.


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First in Flight (Indie Pop)


Hailing from San Francisco, First in Flight emerged at the end of 2015 when best friends Richard Mier (guitar) and David Topete (bass) looked at each other during a Walk the Moon concert and said “we can do this”. After weeks of jamming in their gear stuffed rooms, they teamed with drummer Max Huss, who jumped over from David’s brothers band, and found singer/songwriter Pat McCloskey through Craigslist (I know right?). Hailing from Chicago with a pretty falsetto and stories of too many one night stands, Pat brought the pop dynamic the band needed to project their Neo-80s rock into the modern age, and the group became official on September 1, 2016.

With their new found chemistry, FIF quickly began polishing their songs for the stage and studio. Their goal was simple: make the tracks for your “get hype” playlist. Their energy on stage was contagious and after playing packed Friday/Saturday shows at Bottom of the Hill (SF), The Catalyst Club (Santa Cruz) and Brick and Mortar (SF), they realized that there was a solid market for their type of music.

Though First in Flight are an incipient band, they have crafted a rock solid debut EP. Each of FIF’s tracks has its own unique personality while the Neo-80’s vibe weaves the record together into a cohesive unit; a brash but friendly melding of genres that invokes the 80’s without making a definitive declaration. Their debut EP Hold on the Highs was released onto Spotify and Apple Music on January 6th, 2017 and they look forward to their tour of the West Coast in late 2017. Connect with First in Flight on SoundcloudFacebookTwitter and Instagram.



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Queen Earth (Hip Hop)


Queen Earth, formerly known as Charlie Kelsey hit the underground scene 23 years ago with an aggressive flow and unique tone. After a 12 year hiatus, the New York native has returned and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Earth’s lyricism mixes hood conscious messages, spirituality and topics including feminism, racism, parental alienation, child support and more. While her many songs, mixtapes and albums have not reached superstardom or major reviews, she still has an impact on a lot of the LGBTQ community, female rappers and peers in the hip hop community.

In her spare time, Earth advocates for the H.I.V/A.I.D.S. community and Mother’s Rights. Most recently she has been actively planning a concert to benefit Non-Custodial Mothers. She feels that the rise in mothers being separated from their children due to ex-relationships and family court systems is having a huge affect on the youth. All proceeds of her music have gone towards the benefit concert to help parents get the proper legal help to win back custody and be active in their children’s lives.

Rapping with effortless swag, Earth has contagious rhymes you can’t help but sway along to and her material is fun not only to listen to but memorize as well. Scheming with fluidity, you can coast on Earth’s every word no matter how fast or slow she rhymes.The seasoned emcee continues to build a stage for female rappers across the world to have fun, speak their mind and be “woke” all at the same time. Connect with Queen Earth on her Official Site, FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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MU DILLS (Hip Hop) 


Mu Dills is the fire that has long been missing from Hip Hop, with a commanding voice and lyrical flow that sets him apart from the rest – twenty six year old Newark, New Jersey bred, Mu Dills has secured his place as an underground legend. Early on, Mu Dills caught the attention of Producer, Keeb Green, who helped cultivate his skills as a Hip Hop artist. With the masterful production from Keeb, the summer of 2006 saw the release of Mu’s first mix tape Grind City. With the streets buzzing, Mu returned to the studio to record his first hit single “Fresh-N-Fly” following with the release of his first music video. The video received regular rotation on Music Choice as well as holding the #1 spot for a week on and surfacing on under the title “Upcoming Artist.”

After receiving critical praise for Grind City, Mu Dills released his debut EP and his second mix CD Grind City 2 in the summer of 2007. The mix tape was reviewed and featured on, under headline “Don’t Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week.” Mu Dills is also a featured face in a national ad campaign with one of the leading urban clothing brands, Azzure Clothing. Currently, Mu has a single out with Grammy award winning artist, Lil Kim called “Raincheck” which was the #2 added record in the country! He also landed “Heater Of The Day” on for the single “Raincheck” which is also in rotation on AOL and countless other mainstream radio stations. All done independently! During that time “Raincheck” was featured on hundreds of mixtapes all over the country including Coast2Coast Mixtapes, where he was featured on 57 mixtapes with an estimated download of 451,078,685. In 2009, Mu Dills was featured in two MTV2 commercials alongside E40 and Suge Knight running for six weeks on the network. He currently has countless views on YOUTUBE with over 7 thousand subscribers and growing.

There’s a new sound in the air, coming off the Jersey coast . It reminds you of a time long removed. When music meant something, when you walked away from the table licking your fingers and you were satisfied. Mu Dills “Summer Baby” Is the main course, that right mix not too salty not too sweet with the club hit “Balls on Em” to wash it all down. Hip Hop is back and Jersey is leading the charge, with street flavor like “100 Bricks of Yola” and “Becky” he puts you right there on the block nodding your heads. “Hater Blockers” off of his upcoming EP Life Line is that radio mix reminiscent of all that mainstream music represents. So if you’re trying to figure out what happened to the game, look to Mu Dills to let you know. Connect with MU DILLS on his Official Site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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