Anna Leonova Composer (Classical Contemporary)

Anna Leonova is a composer of contemporary classical music hailing from Kiev, Ukraine. At the age of eight Anna started to write music and has since gained global acclaim throughout her very accomplished career. Leonova’s professional music roles include Art World Minister of International Parliament, member of Composers’ Union of Ukraine, auditing committee of Composers’ Union of Ukraine, Ambassador in Ukraine of international network for art professionals Artilinki (France), Ambassador of Peace by New International Office of Peace (France), pianist, composition instructor, piano and music theory instructor.

After leaving Kyiv, Leonova entered a Specialized Secondary Music boarding school named after M. V. Lysenko (Petro Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine) where she studied composition under professor Gennadiy Lyashenko and later completed her postgraduate studies in 2002.

Anna’s music has been performed at various festivals and concerts throughout the world including Mammern Classics (Mammern, Switzerland), Evmelia Festival (Volos, Greece), TCU Festival of Ukrainian Chamber Music (Texas, USA), Festival of Ukrainian Composers (Vina Del Mar, Chile), Kyiv Music Fest (Kyiv), Music Premieres of the Season (Kyiv), Forum of Young Music (Kyiv), Concert of Women Composers (Vina del Mar, Chile), Star of Peace and Love (Kyiv-Kanev), Contrasts (Lviv), National Organ and Chamber Music Hall of Ukraine and National Philharmonic of Ukraine.

Connect with Anna Leonova on her Official Site, FacebookTwitter, Reverbnation and Classical Connect.



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Fonzi Smith (Hip Hop)

Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, Alfonzo Fonzi Smith is an up coming emcee and musician. Born in Chicago and raised in Las Vegas, Smith honed his musical skills as a saxophone player and even taught himself piano. After relocating to Milwaukee he found himself falling in love with poetry which later transpired to putting his poems on top of beats. He believes in honesty in his music rather bad or good. 

Fonzy stays true to himself on every track. Abandoning the cliche talk of money and cars, Smith instead borrows from the positive and negative moments from his past to create his rhymes. “I am not a rapper! I only do this because its my way of venting”, says Smith. Connect with Fonzi Smith on Facebook and Instagram.



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Richard Wealth (Pop)

Based in Ohio, OFFPrice Music Records is an American Record label focused on hiphop and pop music. Owned by Richard Wealth (Richard Kamara), OFFPrice Music Records looks to put their brand on map with fresh music and clothing products. “OFFPrice Music Records is full of music lovers dedicated to writing and producing the best music for their fans and the world,” says the CEO. 

While Wealth has only recently entered the music game, he has already honed in on his sound. “Music is necessary for life; it is directly connected to the soul and is used to treat the heart,” says Wealth. Released on Valentine’s Day 2017, Wealth’s first release “Run Me” hits on themes of love and attraction. Wealth’s “tropical” accent and dancehall style grooves culminate telling the story of familiar hormone fueled club nights. Wealth’s remix of Breana Marin’s “Holy Grail” borrows the talents of the young singer to produce a well balanced tune that could easily slide into radio rotation. Listen here. On April 21, 2017 Wealth dropped his third release “Let Me Love You”. Groove tempo dance rhythms produce a classic pop track that begs to be spun on the dance floor.

There’s no word yet on a full-length release from Wealth, but we are excited to hear what comes next from the promising emcee. Check out the tracks below! Connect with Richard Wealth and OFFPrice Records on their Official Site, Twitter and Instagram. Wealth’s singles are available on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play and Amazon



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Sweet Surrender (Rock)

Officially launched on January 1st 2017, Sweet Surrender is the brainchild of former Emerald drummer & songwriter Thomas Maher.. In his quest to fulfil his longterm ambition, he set about his business to find 4 like-minded individuals who shared his vision of reigniting the British rock music scene… In doing so, he recruited Italian bassist Save Blackjack, Sri-Lankan guitarist Malinda Ginige, German guitarist Kevin (Wildcat) Roessel & finally to lead the band from the front, Russian female vocalist Wolfberry.

Sweet Surrender are a band as diverse in culture & nationality as it is in character but one thing is for sure – they stand united in their mission to take everything that’s great about British rock music and remind people who may have forgotten – that rock lives! Sweet Surrender is one of the UK’s most exciting emerging talents delivering songs and performances that are rich in melody, passion, guitar riffs, power and aggression on stage and matched only by an equally impressive image and presence that sets the band on fire when they hit the stage. 

Though Sweet Surrender has only a small body of work to be judged on, their mission is clear. The London based quintet aims to resurrect the fading classic rock sound that has been grievously replaced by digital emulators and backlit buttons. Their look and musical style is reminiscent of the leather and lace soaked era of Hollywood’s famed Sunset strip. Yes rock is still alive and Sweet Surrender intends on being at the forefront of British rock’s resurgence. Check out their debut single “Why Cry” below. Connect with the band on theirOfficial Site, iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Carlos Kalado: “Ecos” EP Review

Carlos Kalado Ecos EP

Carlos Kalado Live

It is without question that there are millions of shining diamonds lying in the rough world of independent music. We here at DDC enjoy nothing more than stumbling across such great talents. Eight months ago we received a hit on our Instagram account with our #DDCMusic hashtag. The video featured a man with a guitar in a bedroom, a potentially disappointing recipe often seen on IG. That video was a clip of Carlos Kalado’s “Constelação”, which was an instant favorite among our circle. Several months later we featured Carlos on our blog and our appreciation of his music continued to grow. In March we received notification and were elated to hear that Carlos was ready to release his debut EP, Ecos. Let’s get into it!

“Every song has a story, but you are free to imagine what you want by listening to each song. The intention is to make you feel everything the music conveys.”


​Carlos Kalado, is a musician, producer and fingerstyle guitarist hailing from Jacarèzinho, Brazil. Carlos began making music at the age of 15, when he took his first steps with the guitar. Over the years, he worked in several bands in which the focus was on songwriting. After this period with bands and touring festivals, he learned a style that is not widespread in Brazil: fingerstyle (technique in which the musician creates melody, bass and percussion at the same time).

Kalado later decided to abandon his studies in songwriting and focus on fingerstyle guitar. It is during this apprenticeship with fingerstyle that he began to explore the world of the musical production and has continued to expand his knowledge of the craft.

In his career, Kalado has  been selected to play in the FAMPOP, (festival with national recognition), as well as participation in Fejacan (another nationally recognized event). Kalado has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with former Rancore vocalist Teco Martins and has recorded with Rodrigo Skill, a renowned drummer who is now part of the duo Fernando & Sorocaba. Kalado has also been featured in numerous publications and made arrangements for various artists across the region. In the area of ​​musical production, Kalado participated in courses with Jorge Araujo do Som Binário and Danilo Gustavo of Home Studio VIP.

Today Carlos mainly works in his own home studio in which he produced, mixed and mastered his first EP Ecos, released on April 2, 2017. “Each song has a story to be told through the strings. I prefer each of these stories to reach the listener in a unique way, ” he shares. “The idea is to make each listener feel the music and the mix of sensations of the rhythms that I bring through the fingerstyle,” said the guitarist who divides his album into three parts: celestial world, middle world and underworld. Ecos is currently available for purchase and streaming on several major services. 

Album Review:

With rich textures and ambient atmospheres, Kalado’s inaugural release Ecos leaves everything to the imagination. “Every song has a story, but you are free to imagine what you want by listening to each song. The intention is to make you feel everything the music conveys,” says Kalado.

The six track EP opens with “Mundo Invertido”, a tone establishing acoustic guitar driven ambient adventure. Next comes “Prelúdio”, a slower work with an abundance of melodies and ambiance. The title track “Ecos” follows, giving insight into the album’s overall theme. The track builds into a faster paced instrumental electronic jam and then brings the listener back to where the journey began. “Terra Molhada” (Wet land) opens into what the listener can imagine to be a beautiful morning in the Amazon. Harmonious eco sounds guide the auditor through the only track that features vocals. “Constelação” is the album’s purest fingerstyle track. Armed with only guitar and delay effect, the track is compositionally simple, yet so sonically satisfying. The EP closes with “Gravity”, the album’s most uptempo track. Kalado throws the whole kitchen at “Gravity” displaying the artist’s full catalog of skills. Balladlike guitar drives the song along with pleasant arpeggios and dance style percussion. Ecos is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and Deezer.

Overall, Ecos is a rock solid EP from a very accomplished independent musician. It has been a pleasure getting to know Carlos’ work over the year and we cannot wait to hear what comes next. Check it out below! Connect with Carlos on Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With Carlos’ blessing, we have added his artist profile to our site which can be found here. Carlos Kalado’s EPK can be found here.

Favorite Track: Constelação


 Ecos by Carlos Kalado


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This Human Condition (Electronica)

Social change affected through music (Peace through Art), is an approach that has been practiced for decades around the world. Two artists who look to propel our comprehension of social inequality through message and music are the UK’s This Human Condition.

Bristol’s electronic duo, This Human Condition are Jamie Jamal & Misterminchie, formed in January 2015. Blending many different styles of electronica including, Synth Pop, Trip Hop, Dance, Pop, Progressive House, Trance, Dub Step, Balearic Downtempo & Experimental. Described as Early Depeche Mode meets a darker Erasure. They describe their genre as “Electronic handbag Punk”

The first time Jamie met Minchie, he was dressed as Dracula, They met again at a songwriters circle in Bristol in 2012. They collaborated on a few projects before forming This Human Condition and ran two successful pledge music campaigns to help fund the making of the EP & LP. The Duo released their debut album Project Zero in April 2016 followed by the first single Telepathic Heights. Receiving support on BBC6Music by Tom Robinson on his BBC-introduction show. Rusty Egan has also played 4 tracks from Project Zero on his Electronic Family Tree radio show. Tracks from Project Zero are currently being played on selected community radio stations, podcasts & blogs.

Breaking the Code, This Human Condition’s second single from their debut album ‘Project Zero’ is set to a dark, twisting and introspective atmosphere with Erasure-esque soundscapes. Written on the day Alan Turing received a posthumous royal pardon, ‘Breaking The Code’ is a tribute to the enigmatic code breaker. The track was released on January 31st, 2017, coincidentally the same day as thousands of gay people were pardoned for past convictions. The release features two contrasting remixes from Sauerwelt and LPF.

The track intends to raise awareness of an appeal to pardon the a huge number of men sentenced in comparative conditions to Turing, something that has since been passed into law in the UK. Turing’s story was brought to the forefront in the 2014 motion picture The Imitation Game. Check the tracks out below.

Connect with This Human Condition on their Official Site, iTunes, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Interview with This Human Condition

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LeeCo Brown (Hip Hop)

Hailing from the south’s hip-hop capital Atlanta, GA, LeeCo Brown is an original.  With a vocabulary and subject matter large enough to compete with anybody, the man born Leroy Coughman is extremely humble about the process of generating fans. “I super appreciate a fan. They’re the key to this whole thing. I mean for someone to enjoy your work so much that they want to keep up with it is a special thing to me”.

 Determined to do the most with this rap game, LeeCo has taken every lesson learned along the road to his debut and used it to his advantage. “The core of everything I know about being an artist, as CEO/OWNER of a record label and just an all around force in the music industry, I learned at 4th Generation Productions under Jimmy Swagger and at 105 Entertainment under P.K. and Big Floaty. The main thing is to stay focused and do your part, The rest will come”.

 After earning his respect as a MC in the streets battling, and then earning the respect of several established artists and producers in the music industry, LeeCo Brown is excited about his new opportunity to earn the respect of the public.  “My flows are mostly about real situations in life. Things that money can’t get you out of and everybody goes through on some level. If I miss you the first time you hear me i’ll get through to you eventually because of that”. Always looking forward, LeeCo Brown is taking his label G.I.D. (Get It Done Enterprise) and his first release  “Made My Own Way” (the g-tape) and is putting his name in the hat for the people to decide. “Of course I feel like I’m the best but that’s a limited career coming out like that now. Nobody wants to hear that anymore, That’s been done. I want to be known for the movement coming out of my mouth, my real life subjects, and for doing it fresher for the world”.

 LeeCo’s newest single “Handle My Business” is more of lifestyle than a statement. Brown, a former business management student is looking to translate his personal success into musical domination. Check out his latest work below. Connect with LeeCo Brown on his Official Site, Reverbnation, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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