Naime Sake


Kenyon Taylor aka Naime Sake previously known as Kae Da Spirit, is a CHH artist born and raised on the Westside of Detroit, MI. Since he was a kid, Kenyon dreamed of being apart of something bigger than himself. After feeling like he failed his dreams of playing football in college and professional level, he turned to music his second first love. Applying himself and grinding hard he met Eric Jones Jr and Latrell Peterson Sr from Loyalty Records llc and after hearing Kenyon spit in the car with Eric and Latrell in 2006 he became the newest member to the label and the group known as Circle Boys.

After years of hard working and performing at different venues such as Level 10, St Andrews Hall, Bullfrog and more, Kenyon known as Kae Da Spirit at that time, went through a life changing situation when him and the love of his life went through a hard separation. During the separation Kae Da Spirit had passed and Naime Sake resurrected. Changing his name to Naime Sake is the symbol of the growth in his spiritual background also in his music turning his life over to the Lord and being driven by the spirit in what he talks about now. Naime Sake is also Co Chief Exe of One Mind Music Group llc alone with Latrell Peterson Sr. Stay tune for what’s next as Kenyon Taylor now know as Naime Sake deliver life,lessons and love in his songs.

Naime Sake’s talent is undeniable. Going back to his 2015 Mixtape This Time It’s Personal, the Detroit native has displayed his diversity as both a hip hop artist and a Christian. Naime Sake is fully acclimated in his form, his messages are both real and heartfelt, melding with inspirational tones. Backed with tracks that run the gamut from bangers to chill, Naime Sake has something to offer any hip hop fan. Grab a free download of Naime Sake’s This Time It’s Personal and “Detroit”. Connect with Naime Sake on FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube,Soundcloud and Reverbnation.


Source: Naime Sake | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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