Hyde (Hip Hop)


Born in Kirkland, Washington, Hip Hop artist Hyde has traveled around the world in 25 short years. After extensive training in the liberal arts and and a thorough study of both music and literature, he found the perfect medium with which to plumb the depths of the most basic human questions, rap. With every song and every line he tries to improve his art, and has developed an impressive style and force, mixing rhythms and rhymes in a complex and unique manner.

Hyde has written and produced three full length albums in addition to a number of other projects, with each work being better than the last. He seeks to inspire his listeners, and encourages them to find the deeper meaning in life. Many are struck by the truth and the honesty consistently found in his music.

In a morally and philosophically bankrupt world, Hyde shines the light of truth and beauty, showing all those who will follow a higher calling. Hyde’s latest single “Four Hours” showcases the young talent’s dual threat approach as both a singer and emcee. The track is just one of the few recent offerings from the seasoned maestro and it appears that the future is looking bright for the young up and comer. Check out the video below! Connect with Hyde on his Official SiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram. Hyde’s music is available for purchase and streaming on iTunesSpotifyAmazonBandcampSoundcloud and Google Play.


Source: Hyde (Hip Hop) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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