MU DILLS (Hip Hop) 


Mu Dills is the fire that has long been missing from Hip Hop, with a commanding voice and lyrical flow that sets him apart from the rest – twenty six year old Newark, New Jersey bred, Mu Dills has secured his place as an underground legend. Early on, Mu Dills caught the attention of Producer, Keeb Green, who helped cultivate his skills as a Hip Hop artist. With the masterful production from Keeb, the summer of 2006 saw the release of Mu’s first mix tape Grind City. With the streets buzzing, Mu returned to the studio to record his first hit single “Fresh-N-Fly” following with the release of his first music video. The video received regular rotation on Music Choice as well as holding the #1 spot for a week on and surfacing on under the title “Upcoming Artist.”

After receiving critical praise for Grind City, Mu Dills released his debut EP and his second mix CD Grind City 2 in the summer of 2007. The mix tape was reviewed and featured on, under headline “Don’t Sleep: Other Notable Selections This Week.” Mu Dills is also a featured face in a national ad campaign with one of the leading urban clothing brands, Azzure Clothing. Currently, Mu has a single out with Grammy award winning artist, Lil Kim called “Raincheck” which was the #2 added record in the country! He also landed “Heater Of The Day” on for the single “Raincheck” which is also in rotation on AOL and countless other mainstream radio stations. All done independently! During that time “Raincheck” was featured on hundreds of mixtapes all over the country including Coast2Coast Mixtapes, where he was featured on 57 mixtapes with an estimated download of 451,078,685. In 2009, Mu Dills was featured in two MTV2 commercials alongside E40 and Suge Knight running for six weeks on the network. He currently has countless views on YOUTUBE with over 7 thousand subscribers and growing.

There’s a new sound in the air, coming off the Jersey coast . It reminds you of a time long removed. When music meant something, when you walked away from the table licking your fingers and you were satisfied. Mu Dills “Summer Baby” Is the main course, that right mix not too salty not too sweet with the club hit “Balls on Em” to wash it all down. Hip Hop is back and Jersey is leading the charge, with street flavor like “100 Bricks of Yola” and “Becky” he puts you right there on the block nodding your heads. “Hater Blockers” off of his upcoming EP Life Line is that radio mix reminiscent of all that mainstream music represents. So if you’re trying to figure out what happened to the game, look to Mu Dills to let you know. Connect with MU DILLS on his Official Site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Source: MU DILLS (Hip Hop) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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