Unlikely Heroes (Hip-Hop/Punk)


It may come as a surprise to younger folk, but there was actually a time when hip-hop artists and punk bands would cohabitate, and even play shows together. Starting in the 70’s and early 80’s, oppression, poverty and political resentment converged, leading to a surprising amount of collaboration and acknowledgment between such counter-culture renegades (“of Funk” lol, had to).

“Main stream” innovators of the cross-over genre are often attributed to the early works of the Beastie Boys, with the most credit given to the 1986 rehashed hit “Walk This Way”. But if we’re talking about the purest convergence of urban and punk culture, that first cannot and will not be taken from the Detroit born pioneers of proto-punk, Death. (Seriously, a band of black dudes making punk music IN DETROIT could not have been easy in the 70’s. Mad respect)

Flashing forward through an endless sea of 90’s rap-rock garbage that was Limp Bizkit, Crazy Town and countless others, Rage Against the Machine stood the only victor. Since the fabled 99’ Woodstock disaster, few hip-hop/rock bands have emerged, let alone hip-hop/punk bands. This gaping void has made way for such unlikely heroes as…Unlikely Heroes.

Unlikely Heroes is Hip-Hop/Punk Rock band from San Francisco, Ca. This eclectic group is synthesizing Hip-Hop and Punk with beats and melody that are fresh, exciting, and long waited for. Boasting high energy, venue rocking jams, they find balance with spacey, vibey anthems to create a well-rounded sound and depth in their form. Comprised of members Enon Gaines (vocals), Ruth Marin (bass), Atlix Martinez (guitar) and Jeff Wilson (drums); these Heroes truly cater to their “more than meets the eye” appeal. Aesthetically, they are a diverse group with a wide range of cultural and musical backgrounds. Sonically, they are insane Hip-Rockers that can cater to any crowd or venue without losing their power in translation.

Cited as “A moshpit of no bullshit punk and hip-hop born on the streets of San Francisco” (SF Gate), the Heroes’ presence cannot help but be felt. Lead singer Enon Gaines is the x variable in the equation. With a Kid Cudi-esq sound and flow, Gaines drives each track along with the high energy backed punk triplet. Martinez’s lively arrangements slap the auditor with classic punk grooves giving way to tooth grinding solos and bridges. Marin is a lick-laying female bassist who frequently contributes backing vocals and Wilson’s speed and power often shines through the mix.

The Bay-Area quartet was slated to release their debut EP in 2016, but has yet to gift the world with their inaugural declaration. Collecting accolades along their journey including winning the Music City – San Francisco Battle of the Bands and Virgin Mobile/America FreeFest Freestyle, the band is clearly stamping their name on the scene. Frankly, we are bursting with anticipation in wait for their future sounds. Connect with Unlikely Heroes on their Official Site, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Source: Unlikely Heroes (Hip-Hop/Punk) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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