The Office Boys NY (Hip Hop)


To quote 2010’s retro reboot Tron, “the game has changed.” There is no doubt that the music industry’s ebb and flow has taken artists through an arduous journey over the last six decades. With the invention of internet and the availability of affordable home based recording equipment, the world has since been flooded with music that would never have been produced or heard in previous generations. The success stories of indie musicians are plentiful; from Justin Bieber to Luke Combs, there are countless tales of bedroom artists turned superstars.

At its user peak, there were 12 hours of music uploaded every minute to Souncloud! With 300 hours of Youtube videos uploaded every minute, it is clear that there is no shortage of music on the web. The question is, are these artists doing their best to protect their music and rights? Brooklyn’s The Office Boys NY are aiming to educate the indie scene with their latest single “I’m so Indie.”

The Office Boys NY are the leaders of the “I’m So Indie” movement. With both Smiz The Moneykid @smizthemoneykid & Villa Dom @illava being graduates from accredited music schools, they bring an authentic backdrop to the storyline of an independent artist. The song “I’m so Indie” is an example of the innovative artistry of The Office Boys NY. Within the song they are educating and teaching artists how to protect their music, where to protect their music and why they should protect their music. Name one other artist in the history of music who has done that in one single song? Connect with The Office Boys NY on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Source: The Office Boys NY (Hip Hop) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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