Part of Mind (Chill Hop)


Hailing from Sordevolo, Antony Montebello aka Part Of Mind is an Italian producer and DJ. There is little information about the young producer as his social media accounts boast no bio and no image of the artist himself. The mystery man simply lets his music speak for itself.

Montebello’s approach is a bridge between downtempo electronica and a more playful experimental artist. Along with hints of jazz, his periodic use of vocals transform his ideas into beautifully well rounded tracks. The rhythms are built with a beat-maker’s inventiveness and the arrangements are wonderfully spirited. It is easy to hear that Montebello is blossoming into a promising artist at his own pace. With an equal appeal for electronic music fans and general listeners, the tracks are something you could put on anywhere. Grab a latte or a cool cocktail and check out the tracks below! Connect with Part of Mind on Facebook, Youtube, Bandcamp and Hearthis.

Source: Part of Mind (Chill Hop) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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