Richard Wealth (Pop)

Based in Ohio, OFFPrice Music Records is an American Record label focused on hiphop and pop music. Owned by Richard Wealth (Richard Kamara), OFFPrice Music Records looks to put their brand on map with fresh music and clothing products. “OFFPrice Music Records is full of music lovers dedicated to writing and producing the best music for their fans and the world,” says the CEO. 

While Wealth has only recently entered the music game, he has already honed in on his sound. “Music is necessary for life; it is directly connected to the soul and is used to treat the heart,” says Wealth. Released on Valentine’s Day 2017, Wealth’s first release “Run Me” hits on themes of love and attraction. Wealth’s “tropical” accent and dancehall style grooves culminate telling the story of familiar hormone fueled club nights. Wealth’s remix of Breana Marin’s “Holy Grail” borrows the talents of the young singer to produce a well balanced tune that could easily slide into radio rotation. Listen here. On April 21, 2017 Wealth dropped his third release “Let Me Love You”. Groove tempo dance rhythms produce a classic pop track that begs to be spun on the dance floor.

There’s no word yet on a full-length release from Wealth, but we are excited to hear what comes next from the promising emcee. Check out the tracks below! Connect with Richard Wealth and OFFPrice Records on their Official Site, Twitter and Instagram. Wealth’s singles are available on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play and Amazon



Source: Richard Wealth (Pop) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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