Sweet Surrender (Rock)

Officially launched on January 1st 2017, Sweet Surrender is the brainchild of former Emerald drummer & songwriter Thomas Maher.. In his quest to fulfil his longterm ambition, he set about his business to find 4 like-minded individuals who shared his vision of reigniting the British rock music scene… In doing so, he recruited Italian bassist Save Blackjack, Sri-Lankan guitarist Malinda Ginige, German guitarist Kevin (Wildcat) Roessel & finally to lead the band from the front, Russian female vocalist Wolfberry.

Sweet Surrender are a band as diverse in culture & nationality as it is in character but one thing is for sure – they stand united in their mission to take everything that’s great about British rock music and remind people who may have forgotten – that rock lives! Sweet Surrender is one of the UK’s most exciting emerging talents delivering songs and performances that are rich in melody, passion, guitar riffs, power and aggression on stage and matched only by an equally impressive image and presence that sets the band on fire when they hit the stage. 

Though Sweet Surrender has only a small body of work to be judged on, their mission is clear. The London based quintet aims to resurrect the fading classic rock sound that has been grievously replaced by digital emulators and backlit buttons. Their look and musical style is reminiscent of the leather and lace soaked era of Hollywood’s famed Sunset strip. Yes rock is still alive and Sweet Surrender intends on being at the forefront of British rock’s resurgence. Check out their debut single “Why Cry” below. Connect with the band on theirOfficial Site, iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Source: Sweet Surrender (Rock) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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