LeeCo Brown (Hip Hop)

Hailing from the south’s hip-hop capital Atlanta, GA, LeeCo Brown is an original.  With a vocabulary and subject matter large enough to compete with anybody, the man born Leroy Coughman is extremely humble about the process of generating fans. “I super appreciate a fan. They’re the key to this whole thing. I mean for someone to enjoy your work so much that they want to keep up with it is a special thing to me”.

 Determined to do the most with this rap game, LeeCo has taken every lesson learned along the road to his debut and used it to his advantage. “The core of everything I know about being an artist, as CEO/OWNER of a record label and just an all around force in the music industry, I learned at 4th Generation Productions under Jimmy Swagger and at 105 Entertainment under P.K. and Big Floaty. The main thing is to stay focused and do your part, The rest will come”.

 After earning his respect as a MC in the streets battling, and then earning the respect of several established artists and producers in the music industry, LeeCo Brown is excited about his new opportunity to earn the respect of the public.  “My flows are mostly about real situations in life. Things that money can’t get you out of and everybody goes through on some level. If I miss you the first time you hear me i’ll get through to you eventually because of that”. Always looking forward, LeeCo Brown is taking his label G.I.D. (Get It Done Enterprise) and his first release  “Made My Own Way” (the g-tape) and is putting his name in the hat for the people to decide. “Of course I feel like I’m the best but that’s a limited career coming out like that now. Nobody wants to hear that anymore, That’s been done. I want to be known for the movement coming out of my mouth, my real life subjects, and for doing it fresher for the world”.

 LeeCo’s newest single “Handle My Business” is more of lifestyle than a statement. Brown, a former business management student is looking to translate his personal success into musical domination. Check out his latest work below. Connect with LeeCo Brown on his Official Site, Reverbnation, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Source: LeeCo Brown (Hip Hop) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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