A-Block (Hip Hop)


A-Block is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Black City Hustla Records LLC and emcee based out of Germany. While growing up, music was always been apart of his. Block’s rap career started when he was rapping to one of his favorite songs, and a random guy’s attention was caught by A-Block’s skills. He told A-Block that his delivery was so great that he should become a rapper. After much thought and consideration he began his journey to become one of the best musicians to come out of the Germany area.

Around late 2007, A-Block was on Myspace listening to songs and also networking with a few artist. He ran into another musician by the name of Joshua Davis (Tony Tone Montana). Him and Tony Tone talked for hours and formed a tight friendship, which led him to joining Black City Hustla Records LLC.

A-Block is on a mission for success and will not let nothing stand in his way to get it. What sets him apart from other musicians, is that he brings not only his story to the game but also tell stories that his fans can relate to. Block also shows his sense of humor but is not afraid to show or tell what he is feeling. In short, he writes music to express his feelings, in a positive way, instead of committing crimes. 

Above everything else, A-Block hopes that his songs can help others whenever they are feeling down. He encourages everyone to be true to themselves and while pushing their dreams to the forefront.

Connect with A-Block on Reverbnation, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Source: A-Block (Hip Hop) | District Da Capo | Free Music Promotion


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