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Noetic J is an influential musical-artist who is surpassing barriers with his music that adheres to everyday life challenges, spirituality, and internal struggle. Noetic J is a musician with multiple talents with a knack and desire for wanting to positively influence others for a better lifestyle and mindset. He provides his audience with a blend of mundane metaphors & similes all the while implementing lines of self-belief, confidence, & motivation to find a striking balance between lessons of enlightenment from his path & the pleasures & conflictions of lower chakra build-ups. Although not always portrayed in his music, Noetic J’s lifestyle consist of a vegan approach that includes Superfoods such as Cacao, Acai, Goji Berries, Moringa Leaf, Maca, & Bee Pollen amongst other powerful medicinal herbs. He preaches & believes that you are what you eat & that by changing your diet that consists of nutritionally & minerally dense-foods you are not only changing how you FEEL physically, but how you THINK mentally all the while detoxing your mind, body, & soul.

This is quite the unique approach for an artist in the Hip-Hop & Rap industry plagued with unconsciousness listeners & in need of healing. Through his up-rise in music he wants to open up a Metaphysical & Holistic way of living as well as attract fans to his 2nd YouTube Channel entitled “Noetiquette(s)”. It is through this channel Noetic J wants to educate his listeners via Metaphysical topics (crystals, their specific healing properties, how to clean them & work with them), Holistic Health (Super Foods, Vegan foods, toxic ingredients in processed foods), Chakras (energy points in the body) & cleansing methods to keep one’s thoughts & intents true to self and cleansed from negativities. It is through the live performances where individuals will be able to experience firsthand the power of healing. This, is New Wave Hip-Hop.

NoeticVelli is Noetic J’s 3rd official independent Studio Album (LP). Released on January 27th, 2017 this is his most original work to date as he produced/song-wrote/& audio-engineered the entire album with assistance from Boston-based artist Treva Holmes & rap-producer Bizzy Genius.

Noetic J believes that his music will “ONLY go as DEEP as the REFINEMENT of his soul”. It is a quote he created that he stands by as he continues his internal growth & directly reflects that through his music in every aspect. From the creation of each instrumental, the writing-process, recording, & sound-engineering Noetic J shows exponential growth & understanding that shines through with his lyrical substance, catchy melodies, & trap-like influence w/ his heavy use of 808’s & bass lines influenced by the likes of 808 Mafia, Curren$y, & Ski Beatz amongst others.

Connect with Noetic J on his Official Site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, Tidal and Genius.


Source: Noetic J (New Wave Hip Hop) | Free Promotion for Independent Musicians


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