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It’s a beautiful day and the sun is shining down on a beer garden in the glorious British countryside.

At one of the tables we find Bryn & Heather enjoying a couple of cold lagers, talking about life, the world and music. Right there, right then, with their beer quenched thirst and the sun in their faces, a plan was made. A plan to join forces, to create music and to share this music with as many people as possible, for free.

So it was on this day that THE LOVE TECTONIC were formed, bringing together the vast experiences they both have and creating something new, something fresh. They are THE LOVE TECTONIC!

The Love Tectonic are UK based electronic duo Bryn and Heather Wulff-John.

They are driven to create music that makes people move, that gives people goosebumps, that inspires people. Their music would be created regardless of whether it made any money or not, so why not get it out there for free? They would much rather have everyone who wants to hear their music be able to hear it, regardless of whether they can pay for it. You could call their release strategy an experiment in people power – what happens when sharing is encouraged and promoted, irrespective of money. So that is their philosophy – to get their music out in the world and see what becomes of it.

The Love Tectonic’s music isn’t one specific genre – it has elements of house, techno, trance – big melodies, deep synths, driving bass and silken vocals. They absolutely love making big sounds and really love it when a groove comes in that you just can’t help but move to! First and foremost they are music fans, so they know that if they are dancing and pulling ‘groove’ faces whilst in the studio, then other people probably will too.

Separately, Bryn and Heather have been involved in the music scene for years, Bryn as a DJ and Producer and Heather as a Singer and Producer. Experiments with music production started off on separate tangents until they realized that they were much better when they joined forces. Production sessions usually involve Bryn on beats and Heather on melodies but with a lot of cross-over in between. As they say “Bring on the strings!”

Connect with The Love Tectonic their Official SiteFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Source: The Love Tectonic (Electronic) | Free Promotion for Independent Musicians


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