T. Boogie (Hip Hop)

T. Boogie is an underground artist from Southeast, Washington, DC. He has been in love with music since he was a child, and recalls forming rap groups with his fellow classmates in elementary school. After one of his older brothers introduced him to Fruity Loops, a music production tool, he began making his own beats while in middle school. In 2009, he decided to turn his hobby into a career, and over the next few years he released over 10 mixtapes before taking a year long hiatus from the DMV music scene.

T. Boogie was on the DMV Certified 2012 A&R Hook Up Tour, which had shows in Richmond, VA, South Beach, and Atlanta. He has been a part of the Top Mics Competition and became Top Mics certified in 2010. He has also performed at Top Shelf Entertainment’s ‘Explicit Content’ event three times at Fuego’s Night Club in Hyattsville, Maryland. In 2013, T. Boogie performed at DC Rap/One Versus Many ‘DC Rap Festival’.

Always looking to grow as an artist, T. Boogie has worked with various artists and producers throughout the DC metropolitan area including, Yung Gleesh, Gold Link, Fat Trel, Dolan Beats and 2 Tall.

Connect with T. Boogie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Source: T. Boogie (Hip Hop) | Free Promotion for Independent Musicians


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