So Wonderful (EDM/Bigroom)

“So Wonderful” is an international dance music DJ and Music Producer based in Switzerland. As part of his expertise within the electronic dance music sounds, he has developed the skills to produce a variety of sounds within the electronic dance music genre, making him one of the best in Switzerland.

“So Wonderful” got his start back in the 90’s working in well known clubs in his homeland Germany and thereafter also very successful in Austria and Switzerland. As an up and coming DJ, he became increasingly drawn to electric dance sounds and music a style also known as “House Music” and its subcategories like “Progressive House”, “Bigroom”, etc.. 

As an DJ “So Wonderful” has worked with respected DJ’s such as Tom Novy (Germany), Gigi D’Agostino (Italy), DJ Antoine (Switzerland), EDX (Switzerland) and others.

In 2011 “So Wonderful” having reached the pinnacle of his game, decided to try his hand at producing and has produced one of his first tracks.  Check it out below!

Connect with So Wonderful on his Official Page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, Amazon and Beatport.


Source: So Wonderful (EDM/Bigroom) | Free Promotion for Independent Musicians


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