Casting Call for Music Writers…Hip-hop, R&B, Electronic, Rock, Indie, Metal, Fashion, Opinion and More


District Da Capo is looking for a few awesome sauce music writers.

We’re looking for talented writers with deep genre knowledge of music and its present and past alongside a cultural generalist perspective with strong interests in many areas of culture. We are interested in writers who are willing to commit to at least 2 quality pieces per month. Please read before submitting.


Regular reviews run 500-700 words and display a knowledge of music history and real genre expertise, rather than simply “I like this” or “I hate that”. They should employ a smart look at the music within its larger cultural, technical or aesthetic contexts. Capsule reviews run around 150 words.

For Consideration:

Please send a e-mail describing your background, along with two recent music-related writing samples (preferably reviews) that are each at least 500 words.

  • Send to: []. Subject line: [Music Review Consideration]


We’re seeking bloggers for both long and short format writing pieces.

Long Format – We’re looking for writers to critique new artists, songs and videos, as well as highlight old favorites, to select and highlight some of the best music writing on the web, to analyze trends and events in the music world, and to generally come with lots of creative ideas to be a part of the blog’s continued growth.

Short Format – A more newsy forum, devoted to showcasing the best and most interesting new videos, songs, trailers and more with brief commentary.

For Blogger Consideration:

Please send a e-mail describing your background, along with two recent music-related writing samples that display the depth of your thinking and the best of your abilities.

  • Send to: []. Subject line: [Blogger Consideration]


Feature pieces are in excess of 1,200 words and look at a particular artist, genre, trend or happening within the music world. They also look at the intersection between music and other cultural forms such as film, TV, multimedia, fashion, and politics. These pieces can include artist interviews and profiles of an exceeding smart and critical nature.

For Feature Consideration:

Please submit pitches (100-250 words, including your subject and the gist of your approach to it) and the article you’d like us to consider along with a brief description of your writing background (with links to clips or published samples if possible).

  • Send to: []. Subject line: [Feature Writer Consideration]

* * *

Note: we are unable to pay you monetarily at this time. But you retain your copyright and are published by District Da Capo, wherein you are rewarded with a platform to broaden your readership. We are also offering unlimited high fives. Our network is built on the love of music and the support of others. We would love to hear from as many of you as possible.

Thank you,

DDC Team


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